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Die Lieferzeit beträgt ~15 Tage, aktuell durchschnittlich 11-13 Tage.

Wenn wir Fragen haben, werden wir Sie per E-Mail kontaktieren.

Es handelt sich um eine einmalige Zahlung, es entstehen Ihnen keine weiteren Kosten!

Do you urgently need a report from a passed medical-psychological examination to regain your driver’s license?
You’ve either not had the time or are scared of the expense or you’ve failed on one occasion (depending upon the school the rate of failure is as high as 91% at the first attempt! ).

If you have answered “yes” to any (or both) of those questions above, then we’re pleased to announce that your search has ended! We’re thrilled to announce that you’ll shortly be in a position to take the wheel the wheel once more.

Through us, you can purchase an MPU certificate issued by an German test center . This is a certificate that you must immediately get your driver’s license reinstated.


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